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l 眉筆的色調比粉末較深,讓你可以化出自然漸變色調的眉毛

l 配合眉掃,令你簡單梳理眉毛及推開均勻眉色


〔01〕 Natural Brown NewColors

A versatile, user-friendly, natural-looking brown.

3-in-1! All you need to make getting perfect, beautifully defined lashes nice and easy ♡

Eyebrow Powder & Pencil with Brush

Handy! 3-in-1 eyebrow make-up ♡

● Eyebrow powder, pencil, and brush in one handy product.

Everything you need to get perfect brows in a hurry on those busy mornings ♡

● With a pencil and powder in one compact product, it won’t take up much space in your make-up pouch, so it’s handy when you’re on the go ♪

Everything you need for perfect, beautifully defined lashes, all in one product ♡

● The pencil is a slightly darker shade than the powder, ensuring that this is all you need to create a natural-looking gradation of color, for well-defined brows ♪

● Comes with a brush, so it’s easy to tidy up your brow hairs and blend your eyebrow make-up! You can use the brush to correct any slight slip-ups in adjusting the shading♡

Soft, high-cling powder

● Powder blended with oil, to help it cling to your skin!

Lavishly blended with spherical powder, to ensure a flawlessly smooth line.

● Pearl-free formula gives the perfect matte finish, for natural-looking brows without obtrusive shimmer.

● Formulated to withstand water, sweat, and sebum, so your make-up stays looking fresh!

●The oval nib allows you to create both broad and fine lines ♪

Ultra-fine 1.5 mm pencil goes on smoothly

● Ultra-fine pencil with a 1.5 mm tip! Whether you want to fill in sparse patches or draw on individual hairs,even the trickiest eyebrow make-up will be a breeze with this product ♪

● Soft-touch tip ensures you can draw smoothly without applying pressure, for a lighter, softer look ♡

● While the tail of the brow tends to wear off easily with most eyebrow products, 3in1Eyebrow’s powerful water-, sweat-, sebum-, and rub-resistant formula ensures that it stays firmly in place!

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