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TESCOM TESCOM 白金膠原蛋白吹風機 Collagen, Platinum and Nano-Sized Mist 1500-Watt Hair dryer - First and only Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer (Made in Japan)

風靡全亞洲!MADE IN JAPAN 全品日本製

白金膠原蛋白吹風機 120 v 美國使用

・沙龍級 1.4M³/分大風量

TESCOM - the number one professional hair dryer brand in Japan, came out with the newest technology and first in the world - beauty collagen hair dryer to promote healthy hair growth and protect hair scalp What actually is Beauty Collagen? Collagen is one of the most abundant protein in our body, making up a large part of our skin, hair, and nails. While collagen is beneficial to our skin, which gives strength and elasticity, it is also beneficial to our hair. Each bulb of hair on our head is surrounded by sheath of collagen. That's where it connects to micro-vessels that deliver necessary nutrients for our hair. Therefore, the collagen in our hair is a vital component to determine our hair's thickness, elasticity, and smoothness. Once our hair is lack of collagen, it will cause our hair to be a dry, frizzy hair with split ends.

  • REASON YOU NEED TO OWN A FIRST AND ONLY TESCOM COLLAGEN - The unique technology from TESCOM - beauty collagen that consists of collagen & negative ions that can give glossy and moisture hair and keep coloring longer!
  • REDUCE DAMAGE HAIR - Collagen, negative ion nano-sized mist reduce damage related to ultraviolet by condition the cuticle
  • SPECIAL HAIR DRYER LIKE BEAUTY SERUM - Not only drying hair, but also caring skin. Keep moisture of skin
  • PROTECT HAIR SCALP HEALTHY - Collagen in hair dryer can care sebum and make scalp healthy (with SCALP mode)
  • TO MAKE HAIR'S THICKNESS, ELASTICITY AND SMOOTHNESS - Collagen, Platinum, Nano-sized mist and negative ions keep hair moisturize, silky and glossy.
重量610g (主機)
安全裝置防過熱裝置 (溫控器、溫度保險絲)
尺寸長 236 x 寬 210 x 高 93 mm (主機)
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