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Dentalpro Dentalpro DENTALPRO Interdental Brush Ultra Thin 10pcs


Brush hard to reach areas between teeth like never before! The Dental Pro Interdental Brush reaches between tight gaps between the teeth for gentle brushing. Now, brushing between teeth to remove plaque can be easy and thorough. Also recommended for the first time interdental brush user. With the use of a 0.2mm wire, the minimum cleaning space is 0.6mm. Brush head is extremely durable and with the long grip, can easily reach molars. Grip is soft, flexible, and slender for ease of use and may even be gripped like a pen. The hexigon shape ensures a good grip to prevent slipping. Package is convenient for storage. Use cap for clean storage and travel. Cap may be affixed to end to extend length of brush.

Grip Material: Polyethylene
Bristle Material: Nylon
Wire Material: Stainless Steel
Cap Material: Polypropylene

Do not bend wire as it may bend or break.
Do not force brush into narrow interdental spaces.
After each use, rince well under running water, drain and dry in a well ventilated area.
Use only as intended use between teeth.
See dentist should continued pain or bleeding occur with use.
Please keep out of reach of children.

With the aid of a mirror, insert brush into triangular space between the teeth gently as to not harm gums. Move brush in and out to remove plaque and food debris.  

Dispose of brush when bristles or wire become bend or bristles fray as the brush is no longer effective and may injure gums.

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