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Repair severely damaged hair from the inside out. Ceramide is necessary to maintain hair moisture. Camellia premium shampoo will maintain ceramide levels to balance hair hydration from within. Camelia oil composition is very similar to human skin oils. While protecting moisture in the scalp, Camellia shampoo will also ensure hair health all the way to the hair ends. Shampoo will foam into fluffy fine lather for gentle washing.

Do not use on skin with wounds, swelling, eczema, rash, irritations, etc. Refrain from using on sunburnt skin. Should any skin issues emerge with use, discontineu use immediately. Continued use may worsen symptoms. Replace lid tightly after each use.
Do not let product make contact with eyes.
Use only as intended.
As natural ingredients are used in product, some color inconsistencies may occur, however will have no effect on product quality.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not store in extremely hot or cold temperatures or in direct sunlight.

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