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◆內含MOVING RUBBER,能創造彈力滿分造型,具有不限次數的重塑效能。




1. Scoop out just a small amount of wax (fingernail -sized) and rub well between palms until wax turns transparent.
2. Push hair up with both hands at crown, sides and back of head. Apply on hair ends to about 1/3 of hair length. Do not apply throughout hair or at roots.
3. Style hair to balance hair volume. Maintain appearance of volume at crown by gently smoothing down hair on the sides.
4. Gently scrunch hair at crown to create even more volume.
5. Comb and draw bangs inward towards face and twist hair ends gently to create definition.

Salon Advice: Define and twist hair ends in bangs for an airier, softer silhouette.
A softer, wispier silhouette may be created as you define and twist more hair ends. Take care not to apply Moving Rubber at hair roots! For a more natural look, pick up strands and further twist and define at crown.

Replace lid tightly after each use.



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