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◆ 取適量髮腊於手掌抹勻後,以手掌向畫圓一般均勻塗抹薄薄一層於頭髮表面。

◆ 以指尖輕輕地挖取適度的分量,完整均勻地塗抹於全部的頭髮。


1. Take a fingertip size of clay and blend in palm, fingers, and fingertips.
2. Run fingers through a few times as though pushing hair back. Take care to blend and apply well from hair roots for longer holding styles.
3. Twist and pinch hair ends at the top of the head and nape of neck for a ruffled, wild look. Press down hair at the sides of head for a full-bodied and lively silhouette.
4. Pinch and twist hair ends at nape and fringe for emphasis.

Salon Advice: Creating a more defined look!
Hair ends styled in different directions and hair bunches of different sizes enhances the sharp, spiky style for a tight, 3D silhouette. Using Technical Design Clay on hair styled with Moving Rubber further enhances your look by achieving a sharp style.
1. Run fingers through hair and scrunch as though introducing hair from hair roots for a wild, sharp look.
2. Gently press down hair between top and side of head for better emphasis. A tip is to use a comb and press while combing down.
3. Twist hair ends at nape outwards, and towards the front for hair ends at the top, front and top of ears for added impact. Take note to create hair bunches of different sizes at the top of the head. For people with longer faces, try not to style hair ends at the top of the head too high for better balance.



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