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◆內含MOVING RUBBER,能創造彈力滿分造型,具有不限次數的重塑效能。


◆ 取適量髮腊於手掌抹勻後,以手掌向畫圓一般均勻塗抹薄薄一層於頭髮表面。

◆ 以指尖輕輕地挖取適度的分量,完整均勻地塗抹於全部的頭髮。


1. Scoop out a small amount of Moving Rubber (fingernail sized) and rub well between palms until wax turns transparent.
2. Place hands on sides of head, scrunch and shake hands through hair wildly to cover from hair roots to ends. Avoid bangs and make sure to press down on side burns and around ears.
3. Gather hair from top and back of hair, cross fingers on crown as if you are making a mohawk and spike up your hair!
4. Scrunch and raise middle section of bangs. Use your fingers to comb sides of bangs inward.
5. Twist hair ends all along center of mohawk outward to create motion around ear area.
Close lid tightly after each use.

Salon Advice: Go for a look that is messy in front with volume in back. Use Moving Rubber for styles full of 3D motion for a messy but defined look.
Sweep top of hair towards bangs and bring the bangs forward. Pump up hair at back of head for depth and volume.
To tidy up bangs, pull hair tips towards middle of hair line.
Spread hair out at back of head to create the illusion of a thinner neck and smaller head.



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