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For your lower lashes ♥ Make your eyes shine with fake tears. A glitter mascara for a teary-eyed effect

[01] Brilliant Silver Drops☆

Silver glitter to make pupils sparkle

Fake tears? ♥ Heartstring-tugging!

Silver glitter gives a ♥ teary-eyed effect ♥

● Glitter reflects light, giving your pupils a shiny look! Creates a teary-eyed effect, just like real tears ♥
A long-lasting shiny-eyed look!
● Glitter clings to your lashes and won't wear off easily! Creates a shiny-eyed look that lasts for hours on end!
● Won't turn white, no matter how much time passes.
Tiny! Mini-brush
● Has a tiny 1cm-long brush to catch those short lower lashes!.
● The tapered triangular brush makes it easy to apply, even to tricky areas like the inner and outer corners of your eyes!
Beautifying ingredients soothe your lashes ♥
● Moisturizing ingredients: Ume (prunus mume) fruit extract, hydrolyzed collagen
Protective ingredients: Hydrolyzed silk
Mini-bottle offers perfect portability
● Comes in a mini-bottle that won't take up space in your make-up pouch or pocket!
● Easy to take out and about with you, so you can get shiny eyes in a flash when you want that teary-eyed look ♥
Remove with warm water
● Simple to remove with warm water, so it's kinder to your lashes!


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