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No special skills needed!
Boosts translucence with a single sweep over the target area!
Creates a sophisticated luster that melts into your skin ♥
Just what you've been waiting for - a proper highlighter brush that's outstandingly versatile!

★ No complicated blending techniques required! A single sweep over the target area creates a perfect luster that seems to melt into your skin ♥
★ Uses captivatingly smooth, tapered nylon bristles - so gentle, you'll want to keep stroking them.
★ Dense bristles with just the right amount of flexibility and an exquisite feeling against the skin creates silky-soft skin as smooth as if it had been burnished.
★ Wide brush fits perfectly against your skin, ensuring a speedy finish on mornings when you're in a rush, or when you need to touch-up your make-up fast! Ensures perfectly even coverage.
★ Compact size makes it convenient to use at home or keep in your make-up pouch★
★ Comes with a nylon case, to keep your make-up pouch clean♪
★ Totally versatile, you can use it with all types of foundation, whether BB, liquid, emulsion, cream, or powder★


Hold the brush like a pencil to use it.
① Pick up a generous amount of the foundation with the brush, then tap against the back of your hand to remove the excess.
② Just sweep once over the area you want to highlight, according to the impression you want to achieve!

♥ For a well-balanced luster!
Using the tip of the brush, sweep once over the bridge of your nose.
Use the broad edge to sweep once over your forehead ♥
(T-zone) Finally, add a light dab to the highest points of your cheeks!
★ The secret to cheeks that have the perfect balance of luster is keeping the line of highlighter on the bridge of your nose nice and thin!

♥ For a meltingly pearl-like luster!
Use the broad edge to sweep once over your C-zone (downwards from beside your eyes).
Instantly brightens your cheeks with a luster that melts into your bare skin!

♥ Concentrated luster to make hearts skip a beat ♥
Use the short edge to highlight the corners of your mouth, the center of your lips, and the brow bone under your eyebrows. Make hearts skip a beat with a look that's a little different from usual ♥

The important thing when applying highlighter is to make sure that there isn't an obvious border between the highlighter and your bare skin!

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