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Matte & Crystal Cheeks亮啞雙效胭脂獨特兩色粉末:

啞光胭脂 : 幼細粉末可以遮掩毛孔,呈現自然血色感胭紅



Matte or lustrous - it's up to you ♥ Deftly manipulates light, for radiantly translucent cheeks

2 shades of powder designed for the perfect texture
● Matte blush: A fine powder that gently conceals pores.
● Crystal topping: Packed with delicate pearl powder. Adds a dewy sheen to enhance translucence.
● Create your preferred level of luster by layering the two types of powder!
Banish dullness and achieve a radiantly translucent expression ♥
● The exquisite crystal topping deftly manipulates light, banishing dullness and brightening your complexion! The ultimate in translucent beauty ♥
● Can also be used as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose and your lower lids.
Use separately or together, according to the occasion ♥
With two different textures, this blush duo offers complete flexibility in adjusting the level of luster!
● For a natural look, create soft, gentle cheeks by using the matte blush alone.
● For a glamorous look, create lustrous, radiantly translucent cheeks by layering the crystal topping over it.
Shade duos carefully selected to complement each other
● Each shade duo has been carefully designed to make your cheeks look even more beautiful. You'll have no problem creating the shade and nuance you want, even if you're a complete novice.

(1) Gently dust the matte blush over your cheeks.
♥ For soft, natural-looking cheeks ♥
(2) Apply the crystal topping over it, as desired. Can also be used as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose and your lower lids.
♥ For lustrous, radiantly translucent cheeks ♥

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