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[01] Danish Brown

A yellowish brown, which creates a soft, natural shadow. Recommended for those with a fair complexion and those who are new to the art of shading.


It seemed impossible, but it's here! A special powder for shading!

With a quick sweep of the brush, you can make your face look smaller and more beautiful☆

Creates a soft-focus effect that beautifully highlights the shadows of the lines of the face

・Contains a soft-focus agent that uses the diffuse reflection of light to create a pore-less complexion that won't become dull easily.


Comes with a pliable nylon brush

・Comes with a flat brush that is easy to use on the lines of your face and convenient to carry in your make-up bag.

・If you apply the powder while holding the brush vertically, it can also be used on the bridge of the nose as a nose shadow.

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