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Hides pores in an instant!!!

A corrective gel that evens out contour irregularities, covering up pores wherever you need it.

Keeps skin smooth and even ♥ Won't pool in pores as time passes.


Use over make-up to cover pores

Evens out texture and covers up pores
● Contains Mag Tube® (Magnesium carbonate) to even out irregularities of texture and obscure pores.
Skin Beige shade blends in well with your skin
● The light Skin Beige shade suits any complexion. Use instead of foundation as a complexion corrector.
Use as a make-up base on specific areas
● Apply to areas where pores are a concern, then apply foundation and/or finishing powder, for thorough coverage of pores.

Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents∶ Jojoba seed oil∗, creeping saxifrage extract, aloe vera leaf extract, Baikal skullcap root extract, rosemary leaf extract, ginseng root extract, coix seed extract, silk, squalane
∗organic ingredient
Skin-firming ingredients∶ Witch-hazel extract, Houttuynia cordata extract

STEP 1 Your make-up is starting to wear off and you've spotted some pores!!!
STEP 2 Blend a small amount into areas where pores are a concern, such as the wings of your nose and your cheeks, using a circular motion. You can apply it directly over your make-up!
STEP 3 Use your preferred finishing powder. The natural shade of the gel gives it a complexion-correcting effect.
∗Using it on selected areas as a base before applying foundation and/or finishing powder covers pores more thoroughly.

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