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[01] Classic Pink-Brown☆

A sweet, adorable pinkish-brown.

Featuring a top coat that offers juicier, longer-lasting eye color♥

Eyeshadow trios that provide natural definition.

Create captivatingly adorable eyelids with a juicy shimmer♥

● Cushion powder helps colors glide gently over your skin.

● Fitting oil helps colors cling to your eyelids, without powder scatter!
The secret to the juicy look is the souffle, which boosts shimmer and staying power
● Apply as a top coat for lids that look lusciously succulent! For lids with an adorable wet-look sheen♥
● Oil-rich formula enhances translucence and maintains the dewy look of the dainty lame!
● Exquisitely soft, springy souffle formulation♥

[01] Classic Pink-Brown

A sweet, adorable pinkish-brown.


[01] Classic Pink-Brown
A sweet, adorable pinkish-brown.

[06]Baby Apricot Pink
A natural, sophisticated coral pink that's easy to use.

[07]Fruity Wine
A maroon-toned pink trio to highlight your sophisticated femininity.

[10]Night Lavender
Look intelligent, sophisticated, and feminine with this purple-toned trio.

[11]Strawberry Cocoa
A muted pinkish-brown that’s not too sweet.

[12]Chai Tea Rose NewColors
A pinkish-beige that gives eyes an adorably pretty look.

[13]Champagne Beige LimitedColors
Beige tones with an opulent sparkle.
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