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CANMAKE 洋娃娃定型睫毛膏 (01 透明)





Enhance the depth of color of your lashes with greater gloss. Colorless & trans


― Dual-purpose transparent mascara ―

♡Invisible mascara♡

Apply over mascara to solve all your mascara worries!

♡Top coat to prevent bleeding and shedding♡

This is all you need♡

It's a new concept in natural eye make-up, but what does “Invisible Mascara” actually do?
It envelops your lashes in a clear veil, creating a look that just can't be achieved with naked lashes.
Volume Creates just the right amount of natural volume to boost the impact of your eyes!
Gloss Adds a depth to the blackness, making your eyes more striking.

Over mascara♡
Acts as a top coat to prevent bleeding and shedding.
Use it as a top coat to solve all your mascara worries! It will also transform your lashes with a wet-look gloss!

Solves all these worries!● Prevents bleeding and shedding.
● Tidies up the fibers from fiber-based mascaras that start to peel off like split ends, putting them back in place and separating your lashes beautifully.
● Eliminates clumping, creating delectably long lashes.

Wet-look lashesThese make your eyes look more liquid, for an adorable expression♥
Just as your eyes look sweeter when your lower waterline looks more moist, giving your lashes a wet-look gloss enhances the overall appeal of your eyes...♥

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