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● Packed with fibers with a highly lengthening effect.

● The clay-like liquid flexibly coats your lashes, exerting a lengthening effect.
● Contains strong curling wax, so it also has a perfect curl-preserving effect ☆
Waterproof(*) formulation, but can be removed with warm water!
● Can be removed quickly with warm water, for simple make-up removal.
● Can be removed without the need to rub, so can be applied over false lashes or lash extensions ☆
● Waterproof formulation that is resistant to water and sebum.

(*) It's film type prescription. So, please do not rub it too much.


1. Using the side of the brush with the short bristles, apply 2-3 times from the roots to the tips, while moving the brush from left to right.
2. After it has dried a little, use the side of the brush with the long bristles to apply another coat as though extending the tips of your lashes.
3. On your lower lashes, apply from the root to the tip, as though pressing lightly.
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