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[03] Cinnamon Brown

A bright, yellowish brown. Ideal for those with honey- to orange-toned shades of hair.


A smoky finish for soft brows♥

Eyebrow pencil with spiral brush

Soft tip for ultimate comfort♥

● Glides on effortlessly, giving perfect color♥

Just soft enough to allow you to achieve the brows you want!

● Won't clump, despite its soft texture.

Smoky finish for soft eyebrows♥

● A pencil that can create a smoky finish!

● Provides a soft finish, so it's also ideal for thicker brows♥

Handy spiral brush

● Spiral brush makes it handy when you're on the go!

● Use for the inner corners of your brows and other areas you want to blend♥


(i) Draw your outer brows, giving them a more intense depth of color.

(ii) Draw the inner brows lightly, giving them a softer look.

(ii) Draw the inner brows lightly, giving them a softer look.

(iii) Comb the spiral brush through to blend your inner brows.

Point: Varying the intensity of the color between your inner and outer brows will ensure greater definition and a more natural look♥

※Please use the Canmake Pencil Sharpener to sharpen this product.

☆ Waterproof

☆ Stands up to sweat, sebum, and rubbing

☆ Comes with a spiral brush

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