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[02] Light Brown

Recommended for those with natural brown to bright hair shades. Orange Beige (light) × Ash Brown (dark)

Soft 4.9mm broad tip

● Features a broad tip for smoky brows made simple! Use the edge for tricky areas, such as the outer edges of your brows!

Handy format combines two shades - light and dark — in a single tip
● Three great color options - use individually or mix the two♥
● Adjust your eyebrow color to match your hair color and make-up! Use more of the dark shade for smokier brows! Use more of the light shade for brighter brows!
No need to blend! Soft, smoky finish
For beautiful, long-lasting color with real staying-power
● Waterproof
● Stands up to sweat, sebum, and rubbing

Get the perfect brows for any occasion!
(i) Use the light shade at the inner corners of your brows♥
(ii) Rotate to mix the two shades in the center of your brows!
(iii) Use the dark shade at the outer corners of your brows♥
Quick and easy! Mix light and dark shades for soft, smoky brows♥

To use both light and dark shades at the same time,go over your brows a few times with the upper surface of the tip, working outwards from the inner corners of your brows♥
♥ Twist out 2-3mm of the tip to use it.

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