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CANMAKE 淚袋眼影筆 (02 蜜桃膚色)

雙重美肌精華 X 美妝效果的淚袋眼影





♥Your lucky charm for a coquettish look♥

〜Lower waterline conditioning cosmetic treatment〜

Just a touch is all you need for a quick and easy charge of moisture and cuteness♥

at the margins of your lower lids♥

Waterproof formulation resistant to sebum and rubbing.

♥Conditions the lower waterline♥

♥Naturally emphasizes the lower waterline♥

Clings tightly! Liquid formulation for an infusion of moisture

〜A finish that you just can't get with a powder〜

♥ Clings to your skin, keeping your eyes just as beautiful as when you first applied it!

♥ Provides just the right amount of sheen, for eyes that glisten!

♥ Moisturizes without stickiness.

A plump lower waterline is one of the key points in a girl's armory of cuteness♥

Moisturize the lower waterline while wearing make-up

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