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CANMAKE 棉花糖蜜粉餅 (MO 淺膚色)- 

回購第一名. 絕不後悔... NO-1 sold !




作為底妝和補妝時使用的粉餅。幫你隱藏肌膚毛孔和膚色不均,締造出如棉花糖一般柔軟輕盈的美顏。完美呈現霧光妝效。攜帶方便的固形粉餅。 附帶鏡子及專用粉撲

購買 CANMAKE x Jcosme in'l inc / 高島生活館為全美唯一日本井田 Ida Group 正式授權販售門市。近期美國市面已流出 CANMAKE 仿冒品在網路及市面上販售

消費時請認明英文產品標示法規 Product Labeling 及美國代理商:Jcosme in'l inc.

Create a sweet-looking face that's as soft and light ♡ as a marshmallow

A delicate powder that combines the smoothness of silk and the softness of a marshmallow ♡
Additive-free mineral formulation that's kind to your skin and can be removed with ordinary facial wash
● Kind to your skin - contains 72% mineral ingredients.
● No need to use special cleansers when removing your make-up - ordinary facial wash is fine!
Free from surfactants, tar-based pigments, alcohol and fragrance.
Formulation that prevents make-up wearing off due to shininess, dullness or dryness
● Contains shine-preventing powder. This absorbs sebum, preventing shininess, stickiness and make-up fade.
Contains 10 beautifying agents to prevent skin becoming dry and rough
Moisturizing agents
● Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract
Toning agents
● Horse chestnut extract, perilla (shiso) leaf extract
Emollient agents
● Squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil
Contains concealing powder that makes pores and unevenness in skin texture much less noticeable
● The two different-sized types of spherical powder particles create a light-scattering effect, making it hard to notice areas of concern, such as pores and unevenness of skin texture.

Position in your make-up routine:
→ make-up base Powder
→ foundation (a liquid or cream formulation is recommended)
→ Marshmallow Finish Powder.
・Place some of the powder on the puff, as though gently stroking it, then tap the puff on the back of your hand to remove any excess powder before applying it to your skin.

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