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2021-10-05 2021 新品 CANMAKE 舒芙蕾眼彩組 Silky Souffle Eyes 啞光系



3 looks of your choice 


啞光眼影 (Matte type)


顏色很顯色不會卡粉顯色度中上 很好暈染!

Matte type is now available for

Silky Souffle Eyes

presented by MAQUIA Japan 

A new transparent matte type from 

Canmake's popular shadow "

Silky Souffle Eyes

" is now available! Three types of palettes for the autumn look of the season.

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type) M03

キャンメイク シルキースフレアイズ(マットタイプ)M03

CANMAKE 舒芙蕾眼彩組 啞光眼影 Matte type M03 Rose Heat $14.00

Four rose colors that improve gloss and transparency even though they are matte with glow oil. Place a on the eye hole and apply b on top of it 4 times. Mix c and d to enclose the upper and lower eyelid creases.

キャンメイク シルキースフレアイズ(マットタイプ)M03 パッケージ

Chic and mature beige pink with a square flat design. The exquisitely sophisticated package is also wonderful, though it is small.


ITRIM エレメンタリー  アイ&リップ メイクアップリムーバーセラム

A beige-red color that keeps the beautiful color while giving a glossy feel. Canmake Juicy Lip Tint 02

CANMAKE 透けシャドウでつくるニュアンスカラーアイ_5

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type) M01

キャンメイク シルキースフレアイズ(マットタイプ)M02

A sweet pink terracotta system. Widen a to below the eyebrows, widen the upper eyelid, c, and b for the inner and lower eyelids. Mix c and d on the lower eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye


CANMAKE 透けシャドウでつくるニュアンスカラーアイ_7

Lilac with increased transparency (from the right). Widely inverted triangle on the cheeks. 

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 16,

rose color with your finger. The same juicy lip tint 01 

French with a ruby color that shines like a jewel. Same Colorful Nails N61 

CANMAKE 透けシャドウでつくるニュアンスカラーアイ_8

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type) M02

キャンメイク シルキースフレアイズ(マットタイプ)M01

CANMAKE 舒芙蕾眼彩組 啞光眼影 Matte type M02 Chai Brick $14.00

Orange brown that gives warmth and a feeling of omission to the eyes of autumn and winter. Overlay the double width in the order of c → a, and put b only in the center of the eye hole. Firmly c on the lower eyelid. 


CANMAKE 透けシャドウでつくるニュアンスカラーアイ_10

(From the right) Brown that blends into the skin and adheres moistly. Place it horizontally on the center of your cheeks for a soft, complexion. Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 15 

put effortless orange brown in the center, and rub your lips together. The same juicy lip tint 03 

marbled in two colors. Sheer purple. The same colorful Nails N62 with red and gold pearls. Same N60


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