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2021-07-09 HUGELY POPULAR ! An ally for your lashes Quick Lash Curler♪

An ally for your lashes Quick Lash Curler♪

BO Baked Orange New Shade!

For lashes with a perky curl♥
An ally for your lashes Quick Lash Curler

♥As a lash primer
♥As a mascara
♥As a top coat

What makes it so incredible?

Keeps the curl in your lashes perky, even in the face of water, sweat, humidity, and rubbing!

Everyone loves it❤

Quick Lash Curler
now available in a sophisticated orange!

New Color! BO Baked Orange

An orange that gives
your eyes impact, while making them look lighter

Try teaming it with lip color, blush, and clothes in a similar shade ❤

◎Ideal make-up when you’re wearing a mask, too!

Moisture in your breath escaping from gaps in your mask tends to make lashes droop... 
 →Humidity-resistant to keep lashes curled



★Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents

★No fiber

CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler
New Color / Shade worn by model
BO Baked Orange
An orange-toned brown

Subtle clear finish

BK Black
A natural-looking black

BR Brown
Soft Brown

WM Wine Mauve
Mauve with a touch of redness

Our hugely popular eyeshadow quintet is
now available in a yellow × orange palette!

New Color! 25 Mimosa Orange

Blends in well with your skin, without looking gaudy
A quintet of yellow × orange eyeshadows that you can use every day

How to use

◆If you have yellow-toned skin...

Use the yellow and orange together to create a natural-looking shade gradation!

+ Plus 1
Lasting Multi Eyebase WP 01
We recommend using an eye base that enhances the color of your eyeshadow!

◆If you have blue-toned skin...

We recommend adding a tiny touch of yellow at the inner corners of your eyes, like a highlighter!!

+ Plus 1
Jewelry Shadow Veil 01

If you have blue-toned skin, yellow and orange shades can look dull, but you can make them blend in to look more natural if you apply them over a silver base ♪

★Comes with a double-ended tip

★Comes with a mirror

CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes
New Color / Shade worn by model

25 Mimosa Orange

Elegant colors add a touch of chic to your face.

23 Almond Canele
Versatile shades suitable for all occasions.

24 Mellow Peach Tea

Soft, sophisticated nude shades.

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