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2021-03-26 2021 Debut Make up Change your make-up for a fresh look ♡

Change your make-up for a fresh look ♡




CANMAKE 全品都以最重視日本親和力東方美感設計!



Debut Make up
You can’t fail to look prettier with classic colors
Make-up that creates a positive impression, without fail.

Second Debut Make up
I want to change my usual make-up

Aiming for a new me with sophisticated shades.

Which look do you prefer?Debut or second debut?

CANMAKE 奢華炫光眼彩 (11 Strawberry Cocoa)

CANMAKE 奢華炫光眼彩 (06 珊瑚粉紅)


● 彈性粉末有助於讓顏色輕巧地滑過肌膚。● 眼影含有特別保濕油成分,讓眼影更加顯色且不易掉粉。

不易掉落,讓眼妝更為持久顯色 ● 舒芙蕾眼影質地,防止粉末四散。 ● 半透明的百搭咖啡色和肌膚做完美的搭配。

A delicate sheen for a luscious look ❤
Eyeshadow trio.Try Fuka-chan’s make-up for yourself ♪
Which impression do you want to create?

Apply the glitter shade C to the center of your upper lids and the inner corners of your lower lids.

Apply shades A and B over the whole of your upper lids and then apply a thin layer of glitter shade C over the top.

■Comes with a tip
■Contains serum ingredients

CANMAKE Juicy Pure Eyes  

11 Strawberry Cocoa: A muted pinkish-brown that’s not too sweet.
06 Baby Apricot Pink: A natural, sophisticated coral pink that's easy to use.

CANMAKE 持久全效眼線筆 02 巧克力啡色


1. 快乾配方 防水防油 


2. 極順滑易畫 容易掌握 


3. 眼線色調顯著出色  


Goes on smoothly!
Ultra-fine liquid eyeliner.

Also ideal for those trying a brush-tipped eyeliner for the first time.

■High-color fomula
■0.1mmUltra fine tip!
■Comes off easily with warm water
■Stands up to sebum and rubbing
■Contains serum ingredients

CANMAKE Lasting Liquid Liner 
New Color
04 Cacao Brown:A versatile dark brown that’s bolder than brown, but softer than black.
02 Bitter Choco Brown:A bitter brown with a hint of black.Offers a gentler look than black eyeliner.

Dewy & silky ❤
Blush for super-soft cheeks.

~How to Use~
How to apply blush according to your face shape.
Choose the shape closest to your own face.

♡Oval face
Swirl onto the points that are highest when you smile.

♡Long face
Apply an oblong below your cheekbones.

♡Round face
Apply a diagonal stripe from your cheekbones toward your temples. 

♡Heart-shaped face
Dust on lightly in the center of your cheeks.

■Contains beautifying oils

CANMAKE Powder Cheeks  

PW23 Peach Pink: A cute little girl impression.
PW43 Coral Hologram: A coral with alluring light-polarizing pearl.

Feels like a lipbalm!
Tinted rouge.

■Contains Beautifying and moisturizing agents

CANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge  

New Color
20 Cotton Peony: A deep coral pink.
02 Smily Gerbera: A bright, stylish orange.

Debut Make up
Juicy Pure Eyes11,Powder CheeksPW23,Stay-On Balm Rouge20,Perfect Airy Eyebrow03,Lasting Liquid Liner04,Quick Lash CurlerBK,Creamy Foundation Stick03,Marshmallow Finish PowderML,Cream Highlighter01,Glow Twin Color01,Foundation Colors01 

Second Make up

Juicy Pure Eyes06,Powder CheeksPW43,Stay-On Balm Rouge02,Perfect Airy Eyebrow03,Lasting Liquid Liner02,Quick Lash Curler Long Mascara02,Creamy Foundation Stick03,Transparent Finish PowderSB,HighlighterL01,Shading Powder03,Foundation Colors01

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