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2021-03-05 日本 Mapepe 沐浴時間系列 近期因疫情廣受歡迎居家美容產品!

Mapepe BathTime 純米萃取抗菌洗髮梳  Made in Japan 日本製

徹底清潔頭皮的洗髮梳:  以大小兩種刷毛徹底清潔手指難以清除的頭皮髒污。  表層添加抗菌劑。

Scalp cushion cleansing brush

A plant-based ceramide blended from rice! Suppresses bacterial growth on the brush surface. You can use it cleanly. 

*There may be some black spots on the brush, but this is due to the blending ingredients and there is no problem with quality.

Cushion is comfortable, and after washing your hair, it is refreshing and smooth ♪ From the roots, beautiful hair

For shampoo (heat resistant temperature: 60℃)

Mapepe BathTime 抗菌梳  Made in Japan 日本製

可在浴室使用的梳子! 推薦於洗髮前將髮絲糾結梳開,或是護髮時令護髮素均勻塗抹於髮絲。



Hair comb used in the bath! Please use it as a combing before shampoo or as a treatment comb. Combing spreads the treatment throughout the hair, enhancing the hair care effect of bath time.

Antibacterial agent combination It suppresses the growth of bacteria on the surface of this product. You can use it cleanly.  * It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria

The wide handle allows you to hold it firmly Even hands with treatment do not slip off easily, so you can comb firmly.

Mapepe Bath time aluminum cap




The heat retention effect improves the penetration of the treatment! For moist and beautiful hair

Mapepe Bath timWith the heat retention effect of aluminum Increased penetration of treatments! By wrapping the hair with an aluminum cap to prevent heat from escaping, it enhances the penetration of the treatment.e aluminum cap

With a large cap Fits perfectly in any hair length! Uses a large aluminum cap. It fits comfortably in any length of hair, long, medium or short.

Easy to store ♪ With a convenient strap that can be hung on a hook and dried!

Speed dry hair towel 銷售爆量 -空運補貨, just arrived 


日本 MAPEPE 擦髮巾」可說是日常必備的便利小物,只要準備一條吸水力夠強的擦髮巾便能大幅縮減吹頭髮的時間,對於長頭髮或髮量較多的人堪稱不可或缺.  人造纖維快吸又快乾,質地輕盈觸感蓬鬆 加長 約38 cm x 85 cm 

①吸水力. ②順手度.  ③肌膚觸感

Instant water absorption! Mochi Mochi Towel

Instant water absorption By gently wrapping the hair in a thick cloth, it quickly absorbs moisture from the hair. Moisture in the hair can be firmly removed without rubbing, so the hair is not easily damaged!

I want to touch it forever A chewy texture. By making the towel cloth thicker, a unique chewy feeling is realized. Because it's something I use every day, I'm particular about the feel I want to touch.

Adopted cut pile Uses cut pile to reduce unpleasant kissing feeling. Since the cut pile is used instead of the normal pile, the unpleasant squeaky feeling that gets caught in the hair is reduced, making it stress-free to use.

firmly wrap long hair a large towel with lengh of about 85cm can wrap long hair firmly 

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