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2020-10-02 高島生活館 2020 NEW CANMAKE 新作眼影 爆量銷售中 !實在太美了 ~盡 情 寵 愛 自 己~!獲 得 他 人 良 好 的 第 一 印 象

We've revamped Perfect Stylist Eyes! 2020 最新  JUST ARRIVED 【 Super HIGH DEMAND 】

高島網路 online pre-sale 


高島全門市 11/23 正式上市!

盡 情 寵 愛 自 己~!獲 得 他 人 良 好 的 第 一 印 象


CANMAKE  可愛‧愉悅‧想變得閃耀!For your Safety and Health 

To: All valuable customer who buying CANMAKE QUALITY & SAFETY is our priority ,

a vicious copy of CANMAKE products appears in market,    

We've revamped Perfect Stylist Eyes!

2 ways to enjoy them!

Brown shades you’ll want to use every day.

We've revamped Perfect Stylist Eyes!

✨This is what’s new✨ 
・New package design 
・Bigger mirror! 
・Clingier glitter! 

Clockwise: A+B+D           Anticlockwise: A+C+D 

Just choose according to your mood‼

Look out for the ad on TV!!

Perfect Stylist Eyes¥858 (tax included) 

【Shade worn by model】【New color】 
23 Almond Canelé 
Versatile shades suitable for all occasions. 

02 Baby Beige 
A natural shade that melts into your skin. 

10 Sweet Flamingo 
Sweet and gentle feminine shades. 

14 Antique Ruby 
Classic shades offering sophistication and sexiness. 

16 Double Sunshine 
Healthy-looking shades with a scattering of sparkle. 

18 Bitter Sweet Memory 
Muted colors with depth. 

19 Urban Copper 
A red-toned copper-brown palette. 

22 Apricot Peach 
Fresh shades with hints of pink and orange.

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