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2020-08-06 Mapepe BathTime 純米萃取抗菌洗髮梳

Mappepe 純米萃取抗菌洗髮梳. 日本製 Made in Japan 

Scalp cushion cleansing brush

Cushion is comfortable, and after washing your hair, it is refreshing and smooth ♪ From the roots, beautiful hair

For shampoo (heat resistant temperature: 60℃)

Clean the skin cleanly. Shampoo brush!
The dirt and stickiness of the scalp, which is difficult to remove with just your fingertips, is firmly removed with two types of brush hair, large and small.
It has a high cushioning property and reaches the scalp properly!
4 large and small ventilation holes increase elasticity and relax the scalp with moderate stimulation. It has a shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand, and feels like you're fumbling.
A plant-based ceramide blended from rice!
Ceramide is a component added to cosmetics to protect the skin from dryness. In this product, the brush is mixed.
Contains antibacterial agents!
Suppresses bacterial growth on the brush surface. You can use it cleanly. 
*There may be some black spots on the brush, but this is due to the blending ingredients and there is no problem with quality.

Description of item

How to use

Before using the brush, lather it thoroughly with shampoo before use.
Hold the brush handle as if you wrap it in your palm.
Lightly press the brush part against the skin, and move it along the flow of hair so that the brush part shakes slightly.
Apply the brush to the skin and press it firmly, then repeat.

"please note"

  • *Please note that hair may become entangled if you brush in a circle or brush strongly and strongly.
  • *Do not use when rinsing or after rinsing as the brush may slip and slip on your hair.

<Cleaning method>

  • ● After use, in order to prevent deformation/deterioration of the product and generation of mold, wash off any shampoo and dirt that have adhered to remove water, and store in a clean and well-ventilated place.
  • ● If water gets in, drain it from the ventilation hole or pull the brush to remove it.
  • ● Use a sponge, toothbrush, etc. to remove the brush and wash the body. Be careful not to scratch the skin with grooves or irregularities.
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