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2020-02-08 【24 Hours 】任何場合不為人知的滑肌裸妝秘密 !蜂蜜素顏美肌蜜粉餅 - 好物推薦~即將上市!

Country&Stream 蜂蜜素顏美肌蜜粉餅

Country and Stream Honey skin powder


  • 總想擁有「化咗等於無化」嘅無瑕裸妝 強力推薦大家試用Country & Stream Honey Skin Powder 蜂蜜美肌粉,首先只有5cm 直徑咁大的小粉餅,
  • 可以隨身擕帶,最緊要係粉質好幼細,又有蜂蜜美肌成份,上粉後,會令肌膚變滋潤同滑淨,最重要係唔重粉感,所以唔覺上粉呢!


You want your skin look its best at all times! a nude-look powderdesigned to care for your skin . This is dewy powder containingbeautifying and organicmoisturizing agents gently enfolds your skin.providing natural coverage for pores. 

redness, and other areas of concern no need to wash it, off so you can wear it to bed, This skin powder is formulated 

to care for your skin while accentuating its natural beauty. 

*Discreet conceals pores & redness for velvety-smooth skin contains soft-focus powder. natural coverage for pores and 

redness contains sebum-adsorbing powder, for velvety-smooth skin 

*Feels great on the skin Dewy powder formulation 10 types of beautifying and moisturizing agents - honey royal jelly extract 

chamomile flower extract, squalane,2 types of collagen, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, silk powder. 

8 types of organic moisturising agents, Skin=protecting agent- stearyl glycyrrhizinate. Pore-tightening & skin toning agent 

Witch-hazel leaf extract. * 4 free formulation *silicone-free *mineral oil-free *alcohol-free *paraben-free 

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