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2020-02-01 Now there’s a new product in the Poreless range!

日本總公司通報-2月初剛上市 銷售已爆量 ~~ 日本專利新技術空氣感 -     

#1 SOLD IN JAPAN . 限量版 ❤️ CANMAKE  Poreless Airy Base     

CANMAKE 空氣感毛孔修飾底霜 , 高島目前以空運緊急下單-補貨 Just arrived 


1. CANMAKE PORELESS AIRY BASE 全臉可使用(也可讓臉部淨白效果)

2. CANMAKE 棉花糖蜜粉餅 (共4色可選)或 如果你是毛孔粗大或明顯者, 建議使用帶有珠光粉餅 (3)

3. CANMAKE 透亮珍珠粉餅 (共2色可選)



Now there’s a new product in the Poreless range!

A make-up base that corrects irregular texture and conceals pores❤

Flawless, silky-smooth skin❤

□UV Cut
□Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents
□Skin‐tightening agents
□Formulation designed with your skin in mind
Free from mineral oils,petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers, parabens, and fragrances

Ideal for those who want to make textural irregularities, pores and shine look like they’ve vanished completely!

Poreless Airy Base
[Limited Item]
01 Pure White
White brightens your skin tone

For uneven pores: Transparent Finish Powder!We recommend this face powder containing fine-textured pearl if you have uneven pores that tend to cast a shadow!
The pearl particles reflect light, making worrying pores and uneven skin texture less noticeable.

Bare skin
Uneven skin texture, pores and shine are a concern!!!

With Poreless Airy Base alone
Conceals concerning textural irregularities and pores, as though covering your face with a veil ❤

Poreless Airy Base + Transparent Finish Powder over the whole of your face
Enhances the finish of your make-up and gives skin a natural luster!

Your usual skincare items + Poreless Airy Base+ Transparent Finish Powder

1. Use skincare to thoroughly hydrate your skin.
2. Take an adequate amount (the size of 1-2 grains of rice) and blend it over the whole of your face with your fingers.
・Blend from your forehead toward your hairline.
・Blend from the bridge of your nose toward your wings of your nose and out toward your cheeks.
・Blend from your chin upward.
3. Apply Transparent Finish Powder on top for beautiful, perfectly translucent skin ❤

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