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2019-12-22 Fiancee 芳香身體凝膠 輕輕一擦,立即散發令人喜愛的的少女香味!

Fiancee 日本暢銷25年品牌 經典日系香氛 pure shampoo

My favorite Fragrance ❤️  Makes my wish come true 



● 前調:令人神清氣爽的青蘋果和檸檬香。

● 中調:優雅迴盪的花香。

● 基調:華麗清新特質的香氣。


● 免用噴頭隨時能使用。

● 味道不會四處飄散,易黏附於肌膚上使香味持久。

● 刷頭完全吸住凝膠,好控制用量,可調整濃淡。

嚴重香氛控的必收好物--FIANCEE芳香身體凝膠 ❤️ by 李亭亭 editor choice 

粉色款--甜蜜花香 / 白色款--嚕啦啦香

清新的皂香,給人淡淡的乾淨舒服感又不會太過濃郁, 在日本做調查,發現男生好像也特別喜歡女生身上散發出的沐浴香氣


"水凝膠",質地有點類似水感一點的唇蜜 剛好瓶身&也設計成唇蜜的樣子,超可愛的 因為它外型跟唇蜜一模一樣,放在化妝包裡既不會突兀又很方便 要是平常上班場合不太適合噴香水,下班又想要去約會逛街給自己來個搖身一變輕巧的FIANCEE芳香身體凝膠就非常重要喔~!!~~~!!!

粉紅色瓶身的甜蜜花香味道其實就是FIANCEE賣得超好的身體噴霧口味 只是將它做成方便攜帶的FIANCEE芳香身體凝膠

讓女孩子無時無刻都可以擁有令人喜愛的氣息 神清氣爽的青蘋果和檸檬香到了中後段與優雅的花香混合在一起

讓花香也能可愛不艷麗 清新的皂香,給人淡淡的乾淨舒服感又不會太過濃郁 ✫粉色款--甜蜜花香 ✫白色款--嚕啦啦香.. 

FIANCEE芳香身體凝膠既不怕流出,9g 的SIZE即使放在隨身行李帶上飛機也不用怕被攔下來 所以~~我好愛它ㄚㄚㄚㄚㄚ~~~~~


Anywhere quick and aroma switch ON! The scent of eternal longing Pure Shampoo

Description of item

In fragrance lasting powder formulations, renewal ♪ aroma last longer 
the specification now also standing pouch! In the outing, you can enjoy the aroma of much more pure shampoo! 

  • ♪ without worrying about does not splash because it gels, anywhere it will be given a quick.
  • ♪ easy to adjust the amount, on the strength of the scent of your choice.
  • ♪ the compact size of the perfect pocket, pouch, such as to the party.

Scented in the outing, it is perfect for fragrance fix. Scenes and a strong smell not suitable is a strong smell also recommended for those not good. Gentle fragrance, such as a bath will spread and fluffy.


The amount of your choice is taken up in the chip, let soften wrist, neck, chest, to the ankle, such as the skin. 
Please close the cap tightly immediately after use. The gel is volatilized is the contents component is exposed to air, it may be cloudy white, but there is not a quality problem.

Notes on use

● scratches and swelling, eczema, etc., in an area of abnormal Please do not use. Please use wrong with your skin with care good or does not occur ●. Redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when an abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening appeared to discontinue use, it is recommended to consult our Contact Us or doctor and skin. It may worsen the symptoms and continue to use them. ● When you put on your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, rarely or rash, because it may cause stains, please note. ● When attached, such as a thin color of the clothes, it may rarely cause stains Please note. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● Extremely hot or cold places, in direct sunlight, please do not keep. ● Because it is flammable, please pay attention to the fire.

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