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2019-11-26 NEW Canmake silky souffle eyes in 4 color ❤️ Recommended for the 12/17/19 高島各門市正式開賣

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Recommended for the coming season ♡

Canmake silky souffle eyes 4 colors glossy eye shadow

Moist adhesion! Rich texture! Transparent gloss eye shadow

Contains glow oil to enhance gloss. A glossy feeling that melts into your skin is completed. Even though it is highly colored, it has a clear finish and produces a transparent sheen. Gradient can be made beautifully with a light touch even when stacked! For an elegant finish with delicate pearls ♡

What is Silky Flaise ... Silky luster and transparency ⇒ Silky Soft powder like souffle, high fit ⇒ souffle  Rich textured eye shadow!

◆ About color Introducing planner comments Upper left: Base color This color was conscious that the color of the eyelid would “up one tone”. It is a light veil-like image with a slight skin color. Because it is a white color, I tried to make the most transparent.  Upper right / lower left: Main color I try to make a pearl that matches the color. All contain delicate pearls. I think 03 feels the most pearly.  Bottom right: Fastening color A little stiffer so that the color is better than other colors. I try to improve the color, but the colors of all three colors can be tightened while leaving a soft impression.

3 limited color 

01 Noble Beige ... A versatile beige that plays an active role in any scene  

02 Rose Sepia ... Sexy and cute rose pink  

03 Leopard Bronze ... Reddish brown with a stylish eye

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