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2019-07-03 CANMAKE 夏季彩妝新品ミ★ 高島生活館登場

CANMAKE 2019夏季彩妝新品⛱⛱




⛱⛱♛19 Urban Copper

A red-toned copper-brown palette.For sophisticated, stylish-looking eyes♥

♛20 Shiny Sea Glass Limited Color

A summery color that looks refreshing.For bright, fresh-looking eyes♥


自然妝感 or 魅惑妝感 ? 你喜歡哪一種呢?

CM presented by CANMAKE Tokyo

Present by MakoChannel Mako Ikeda

\ How To Use / Enjoy two styles♪♪

・A+C+D=Glamorous Makeup

・A+B+D=Casual Makeup

☆E=Topping jewel (lamé)

The topping jewel is also ideal for accentuating the plump undereye area♡

◆Comes with a tip(New improved applicator)

◆Comes with a mirror

◆A moist powder formulation, containing squalane. 


♛05 Pink Beige Pearl

Pearl-rich formula gives skin a wet-look sheen❤ White × pinkish-beige

♛04 Cherry Blossom Lavender

As a contrasting color to your complexion, lavender downplays dullness and enhances the translucence of your skin! It also makes skin look paler and more beautiful❤ 


雙子星紗眼影1盤2色 能提亮眼周、臉部整體明亮感

【CANMAKE 無色珠光眼影】新色號♥

♛04 Aqua Sugar

A blue that enhances translucence♡



Nail Festival Unicorn Color


Decorate your fingertips with dreamily cute colors

Have fun with home manicures again this summer

Our Colorful Nails range has become even more popular since its revamp!
New! Fantastical unicorn colors sparkling with fine glitter and pearl!

New! Nail colors in dreamily cute shades ❤

♪ Our hugely popular Colorful Nails range makes fashionable fingertips fun ❤
Nail color that covers all the bases: glossy, long-lasting, and simple to apply!

New! Fantastical unicorn colors sparkling with fine glitter and pearl!!!

N31  Lovely Shower : A sophisticated blackcurrant-colored base packed with gold glitter for glamorous fingertips

N32 Misty Dream : The twinkle of light-polarizing blue pearl makes fingertips look dainty and translucent.

N33 Jewelry Sugar : Silver and pink glitter for adorably cute fingertips.

N34 Fantasy Sky : Silver and purple glitter in a light blue base gives fingertips greater impact.
N06  Raspberry Milk:  A warm coral red.(*Sheer formula lets you adjust the shade as you choose.
N24 Twinkle Drop:Aurora holographic glitter adds impact, whether alone or as a top coat.
N29 Milk Syrup : A rich, sweet, translucent white that’s easy to apply.(*Sheer formula lets you adjust the shade as you choose.)

Simple to do it yourself!!!
Dreamily cute nail art with Colorful Nails!

Classic! Girlish nails in unicorn colors
A blue base offers translucence, with white providing the finishing touch!
Degree of difficulty: ★
Leave just one nail painted only in clear polish for an even more summery look
Degree of difficulty: ★
Gloriously summery
Fresh-looking fingertips
The combination of marbled and matte polishes looks super-sophisticated!
N33 layered over the marbled polish
You can also use a unicorn color as a topping to add a touch of cuteness amid the sophistication ❤
Degree of difficulty: ★★
Unicorn colors are ideal for pedicures, too!!!
Show off your feet with sparkly toes!
Degree of difficulty: ★★

3D appearance gives a gel manicure effect?!
Degree of difficulty: ★★★

Shine-enhancing nail serum ❤ Just apply another coat for nails that look naturally beautiful
 *No need to rub it in like a nail oil.

Just apply the next coat straight on top!
Natural-looking shine
No need for nail polish remover
For nails that look naturally beautiful

Contains 6 beautifying ingredients
Emollient agents
● Macadamia integrifolia seed oil
● Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil
● Rosehip oil*
*Rosa canina fruit oil

Moisturizing agents
● Panax ginseng root extract
● Origanum majorana leaf extract
● Thymus serpyllum extract

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