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2018-07-31 2018 全新 炎夏 Summer CANMAKE 一站式美妝專賣店 高島生活館正式登場!! 

Japanese Summer Makeup Looks and Tips 2018 from Japanese Makeup Brand CANMAKE

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For those with combination skin,
we recommend using the Marshmallow Finish Base O 

on your T-ZONE, creating a somewhat matte finish.
Then the Marshmallow Finish Base Mon your cheeks.

There are two suggested ways to apply the accent color.

1. Mixing the colors

After applying the base color on all of the lashes,
use the tip of the applicator brush and 

apply the accent color on alternating lashes.

2. Graduation

After applying the base color,
apply the accent color to the tips of the lashes
creating a dark to light color effect.


Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek

A two-way formula that comes in 3 vibrant, bold colors.

No.1Rose Pop No.2Mango Orange No.3 Apple Cherry

You can also use the Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek as semi-matte lip

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